Continuing Education

July 2nd, 2013

Continuing Education

I’m back at the office after an extended leave, and while I was away, I completed a number of continuing education courses. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, I complete at least 36 units of continuing education every two years.

The Board requires a six-unit Law and Ethics class for each renewal period. Staying fresh on these foundational issues is key, as is learning about any modifications to our legal and ethical obligations.

During this recent two-year period, I took a class offered by Ricki Boden called “Law, Ethics and Supervision: The Use of Authority.” We reviewed basic legal and ethical considerations, as well as the particular responsibilities facing supervisors who oversee the work of unlicensed interns.

As a supervisor, I aim to promote an open and collaborative relationship so that my supervisees feel comfortable coming to me with their questions and challenges. At the same time, I also foreground legal and ethical considerations for the protection of both interns and their clients.

As Boden says, “One of the most complex and challenging aspects of supervision is the way authority is used by the supervisor…. Supervisors with a solid foundation of training and knowledge can sit most comfortably in their authoritative voice. They become skilled in moving between the collaborative and directive modes.”

The capacity to move between these two modes is important for everyone involved — client, therapist and supervisor — and was a strong component of Ricki’s class.

Other courses I took during this renewal period included:

Overview of Harm Reduction

Understanding Panic Disorder

Bullying in Children and Youth

Existential Issues in Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling

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