Family Counseling


I welcome families into my practice and can work with you to manage differences, improve communication and resolve old grievances.

Difficult patterns of communication can span generations, so I will work with each member of your family to gather the courage, strength and resources to address important changes. One of my goals is to help you develop more productive and generative conversations over time and put a halt to harmful interactions.

I welcome two or more family members in any configuration. This can include:

  • adult siblings
  • adult children and parents/caregivers
  • parents/caregivers and adolescent children
  • extended family members such as in-laws and stepparents

Areas that bring families into my practice include:

  • addressing longtime difficulties
  • healing childhood issues and resentments
  • discussing medical and mental health decisions
  • talking through financial planning and wealth management
  • having a third-party facilitator to help discuss difficult or controversial topics

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.