Infant Loss and Awareness Month

October 30th, 2014

Infant Loss and Awareness Month

The month of October was marked as Infant Loss and Awareness Month in 1988. One of the intentions is to provide information and resources for parents impacted by miscarriage, stillbirth, interruption of a wanted pregnancy after prenatal diagnosis, or death in the first year of life.

These experiences affect many families, yet there is much quiet suffering.

Death is a challenging subject to talk about, and the loss of an infant or a pregnancy can be even harder. For bereaved parents, having a supportive and understanding atmosphere makes all the difference.

We’re fortunate to have many good resources in the Bay Area, including HAND of the Peninsula. HAND, Help After Neonatal Death, is a volunteer group of parents who have experienced the loss of a baby before, during or after birth. They offer empathetic peer support to other parents and their adult relatives and friends during the normal mourning that follows such an experience.

Some of the services that HAND offers include:

• Grief support meetings where parents can share their experiences.

• Subsequent pregnancy meetings for parents expecting another baby.

• One-on-one peer support from a HAND volunteer.

• Information and referrals for bereaved parents and professionals.

• Hospital visits and labor support to parents experiencing a neonatal loss.

HAND also offers services and meetings in San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

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