Quoted on DivineCaroline

July 15th, 2009


Vicki Santillano, a writer at DivineCaroline, an online magazine for women, called to ask for my thoughts on a recent study about relationships and obesity. She was kind enough to include my comments in her article, “Do Women Gain More Weight in Relationships?”

For me, some of the questions raised by the study and article include: How do women’s priorities change when they’re in committed partnerships, for better and worse? How do women take care of themselves while they also attend to others?

While the study investigated whether women in relationships put on more weight than single women, I’m curious about the other effects of close partnership. For example, how does being deeply accepted by a partner affect a woman’s sense of self-acceptance? What unfolds with a woman’s sexual identity in monogamous partnership, if she’s no longer in the dating pool?

Lots of interesting questions here, and lots of variety in the conversation to follow. I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

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