Tips for the Holiday Season

November 11th, 2011


The holidays can get hectic. But the winter days are also a good time to slow down and have some quiet, contemplative time. It helps to set a few intentions before everything gets busy. I know that “setting intentions” can sound serious and time-consuming, but all it takes is finding an idea you like and saying a simple one-line statement to yourself.

If you want to get fancy, you can write down your intention and stick it by your computer. Here are a few ideas for making the most of the season:

• Take a few minutes to think about what is meaningful about a
particular holiday or celebration.

• Spend time outside: Take a walk and appreciate the changing of the season.

• Schedule some time for yourself away from the busyness and social activities.

• If you are feeling the loss of an important person, talk about this with
a friend or trusted person.

• Keep up with exercise. Even if it’s one walk per week, you will feel
better and can build on your momentum.

• Try a gratitude practice: Take 10 minutes to write down what is going well
and who has helped support you.

• Don’t beat yourself up for not doing more.

• Get in touch with your deepest wishes for yourself, your family and
the world in the coming year.

You might also be interested in another blog post I wrote, Saying No Gracefully, which talks about saying no in ways that are respectful to both yourself and to the asker. This is often helpful around the holidays, too.

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